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French property surveys, expert reporting and impartial advice to meet your needs


1 | Before you buy

Know what you're buying with an independent survey and clear, advice-filled report for complete peace of mind


2 | After you buy

Need some expert advice on your new property? We'll assess any issues and recommend practical solutions


3 | Before you sell

Get all the facts with a full report of your property, its condition, key strengths and recommended improvements

Our services

Pre-purchase surveys

Pre-purchase surveys

Our structural and condition property survey provides all the facts you need before you buy.


We'll visit and assess your chosen property, providing an impartial, jargon-free, professional report with technical and practical advice throughout. Choose from a number of comprehensive report formats to suit your needs and budget.

Our RICS-regulated pre-purchase survey covers the main property, plus any outbuildings and pool. Along with your written report, we offer a complete photographic record and fire/rebuild valuation, which some French insurers require.

We'll assess the property's condition, quality and longevity of renovations, access, security, and other key areas, as well as a technical analysis of diagnostic reports.


You'll also receive indicative cost estimates for defects and any recommended upgrades, alterations, conversions or building works, so you don’t face any financial surprises.

Post-purchase inspections

Post-purchase inspections

If you've already purchased your new home and discover any issues or concerns, surveylink france can help.


Our RICS-regulated post-purchase inspection service offers an independent, technical assessment of any specific problems or defects you may find.


We'll provide you with a clear, comprehensive report with a full assessment of the issues, recommended solutions, and indicative cost estimates for repairs.

Your report may also be used to support a claim through your insurance company.

Pre-sales surveys

Pre-sales surveys

When selling your French house privately online, it's vital to give a potential purchaser all the facts before they buy.


Our clear, comprehensive pre-sales survey gives both you and potential buyers a complete, technical overview of the property and its condition, highlighting key strengths and recommended improvements. 

Tailored to meet your needs and the size of the property, our professional pre-sales survey is impartial and fully regulated by RICS.


We'll report on any major defects, including those found within standard diagnostics reports, as well as damp, structure and condition.


What's more, your written report will include indicative cost estimates, so that all parties know where they stand financially. 

New build handovers

New build handovers

If you're unable to attend the handover inspection of a new build property before sale completion, why not take advantage of our handover service?


As your representative, we'll be there to inspect the property. We can also create an independent snagging list if you're unsure of what to look for.


We'll call you to discuss our findings, giving you all the facts before we sign any completion documentation on your behalf. 

"We were unsure whether to instruct a surveyor or not but can honestly say that we are so pleased we did. We would highly recommend your services to any of our friends."

- Client, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

What our clients say

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